The WoodExpo 2012 That Was

This past weekend I was lucky enough to make my way up to Boston and enjoy Wood Expo 2012. Wood Expo is an event held within the New England Home Show. It aims to connect custom furniture makers with buyers. It also aims to help furniture makers with design critiques, networking and panel discussions.
The Seaport World Trade Center, Home of WoodExpo.
I'm no furniture maker myself (at least not a selling furniture maker), but the custom furniture makers who did attend and display made this a great event for anyone passionate about woodworking. The hall was lined with people as rabid for woodworking as I am.

The makers who displayed or demonstrated in one way or another included (thanks to Nick Roulleau & Steve Branam for their fantastic posts from which I pulled much of this list together):

Rob Bois
Michael Scott Morton

Rusty Burwell

Steve Branam

Chuck Bender (on right with Mike McCoy & Jim Ashley)

Michael McCoy

Kevin Mack
Megan Caine

Tom McLaughlin

Glen Guarino (w/ Tom McLoughlin)

Terry Moore
Quentin Kelley

Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of these other wonderful woodworkers who were in attendance at WoodExpo:
WoodExpo 2012

Since I wasn't displaying and didn't have to pay attention to potential customers, I had the chance to talk with these guys for most of the afternoon.The conversations were always insightful and ranged from the trivial (touristy lunch locations) to the serious & relevant (What's the point of he show?, How do you attract custom furniture buyers? How do we reach our designs? Where do you buy wood?) While there was rarely any consensus reached, the depth of conversation clearly demonstrated to me how passionate we all are that woodworking as a career and hobby continue. We all need to thank Tommy MacDonald, Eli Cleveland, Rick Waters, Justin DiPalma, Scott Oja & Neil Lamens putting the show on.

The inaugural MWA Greater Boston area meetup.
After Wood Expo was (mostly) done we all headed down the block and had the inaugural meeting of the Boston chapter of the Modern Woodworkers Association. Nick’s done a great job of writing it up here on the Modern Woodworkers Association site.

A great time was had by everyone I saw in attendance & I'd highly recommend you attend next year. I hear its going to be better than ever.

WoodExpo 2012 Album

Boston MWA Meeting Album