Shop Tour: M. Scott Morton, Part III

In addition to the free formed conversation I had with Morton while touring his shop, I also emailed him a formal questionnaire. Here, my friends are his actual, factual answers about his shop.
Penultimate Woodshop: Did you plan our your shop layout, or did it just evolve in and ad-hoc fashion?

Morton: I try to plan, but it’s been ad-hoc as space has opened up, added new tools, etc.

PW: Whate is your favorite area of the shop? Least favorite?

Morton: Favorite area is around the assembly table, because everything is there, organized and I constantly work there. Least favorite is anywhere near the dust collector and it’s assorted hoses and dust.

PW: Shop furniture, build or buy?

Morton: Mostly built. I would prefer to buy, but everthing needs to be “just so” to either fit or fit my needs. But for jigs and accessories, I’d rather buy.

PW: Workbench, build or buy? What style? Would you change anything about it?

Morton: I have my torsion box assembly table that doubles as a workbench. Need to change quite a bit out it in terms of work holding, but it works really well. However, I’m building a Roubo this winter (or spring or summer - PW) - so that will of course be my main bench and the assembly tale can just be that: assembly. The split-top Roubo will be made from Douglas Fir and will be very out-of-the-box, no real modifications.

PW: Do you condition the air? Heat/AC/Dehumidifier?

Morton: The shop is in the basement, about 75% buried underground or surrounded by heated (house) space. It maintains a temp at about 70 all year round. I use a dehumidifier in the summer as I get significant rust problems (no water problem, but lots of humidity).

PW: Favorite activity in the shop?

Morton: Re-organizing ;) or building prototypes.

PW: What tool do you own the most of?

Morton: Clamps (if they are a tool). Otherwise, funny - I hardley even have TWO of anyting - not even a drill/dirver or router [one each].

Morton’s Shop Technical Details:
Size: About 30’ x 30’
Attached or Outbuilding: Basement
Lighting Type: Overhead Flourescent -- added a few more fixtures myself and want to add even more.
Heated? A/C?: No heating or AC. Stays about 70 all year round due to some sides being buried and others adjacent to heated spaces.