Fine Woodworking Live

This is going to be a great summer & fall for woodworkers. In addition to the two (2) previously announced WIA events, Fine Woodworking has just announced Fine Woodworking Live.
FWW is billing it as:

Your chance to enjoy the company of other passionate craftspeople as you learn from the experts whose work you've seen in our pages. Live demonstrations and hands-on workshops are at the heart of this limited-attendance event.This three-day conference will give you the opportunity to enjoy a range of sessions created specifically for this event. Friday and Saturday will each start with a general session, followed by three complete small-group sessions on topics by each expert. On Sunday, a range of additional sessions will be offered for specific concentrations on detailed areas of interest.
It's being held in New Paltz, NY on August 2nd through the 5th. New Paltz is in my backyard (at least compared to Cincinnati), so I'll at least be in attendance for the beginning of the conference. Unfortunately, since FWW forgot to check with me before booking, I start my week's vacation in Lake George on August 4th. That vacation is a 30 year family tradition and I'll not be missing it.

But for you, my friends, keep that first weekend in August open, and hike it up to New Paltz. From what I've heard this will be a great weekend of woodworking instruction. If we all participate we can also make it a great weekend for woodworking camaraderie.

As we used to say in high school; Nothing is shinny in New Platz, except your future.