WIA11 in Moving Pictures

As I’m sure you all know, the 2011 Woodworking in America was a great event. The best part, as always, was hanging out with my fellow woodworkers. One of the activities we did together was take the Hand Tool Olympics by storm.

I shot a bunch of video of us making idiots of ourselves cutting, planeing, boring and tenoning at the HTO booth. Here’s my simple video collage.

It features Ian MacKay, Me, Tom Iovino, Iggy the Shop Monkey, Mike Lehikoinen, Aaron Marshall, Matt Gradwohl & commentary by Emily Bonham Owen mocking Tom

I’ve sped up the actual cutting, planeing, boring & tenoning. Except for Matt’s. You’ll appreciate why when you see it.

Heres a bonus video of us . . . on a trolley . . . you had to be there . . .