The Cold Approaches

For those of you reading along (on Twitter & Google+ more than the blog for this topic) I’m working on a bench. That is . . . I will be working on a bench.
My bench design , as of a year ago (and awesome avitar).
I’ve been obsessing over a bench for a long time and a few conversations with Aaron Marshall at Woodworking In America had my bench build leapfrogging over many open projects to the top of the list. One of the projects it jumped ahead of was the insulating of my shop. That is, it had jumped over the insulating until the cold hit.
In the background you can see my barren walls.
That cold reality has rearranged my project order once again. The insulating will come before the bench.

Unfortunately, before I can insulate, I must wire. Two and a half years ago, when I started my siding project I ripped out not only the existing insulation, but the wiring too. Since then I’ve been working in a cold shop with one outlet next to the light switch and one behind the miter saw.

Today I began by starting my clean up, and oh how much clean up there is to do. In the two hours I worked, I managed to clean the far back corner, behind my shelves.
The cleaned corner.
While this is going to be a slow process and will delay my bench until January (or longer) it is well worth it and promises to transform the shop into a much nicer place. What, after all, is there not to like about having a warm, well powered shop?

What needed project have you been putting off?