WIA11: The Maloof Leg to Seat Joint w/ Charles Brock

I had the intention of writing up every class I attended at WIA. Though that didn't quite happen, I did manage half of a class description for the first class I took. This is a quick review I wrote while in the class.
Charles Brock describes how to make the cut on the table saw.
Charles began by addressing the issue of Maloof inspired. He's right when he says he's continuing a tradition and creating his own (beautiful) interpretations.

The focus of this class is how Charles joins the legs to the seats. He uses a rabbeted notch joint. It's a similar point to Maloof, with Charles's own way of making the splay.
The class was lively and Charles is a warm and friendly Southern Gentlemen. The class served as a good primer to this useful chair joint. If you know the joint already, the class is a bit repetitive.

And no, he doesn't sell the hat.