A Bench For Me, A Bench For You

It’s not quite that time of year again, but Marc’s pre-planning (a good thing with the coming little Spagnolo) his 2012 winter Guild Build already.

This year he’s planning to help with your physical as well as educational woodworking fundamentals. That’s right . . .  we’re building a bench!

The World's Greatest Workbench.
I was working on a bench myself when I stopped to participate in this year’s Winter Guild Build: The Wall Hanging Cabinet.

Workbenchs have been a favorite topic of mine since first hearing Dave Noftz discuss them on his (sorely missed) Modern Woodshop. As I'm sure is true for many of you also, it's high time I got off my butt and built a proper bench. The support, encouragement and friendly rivalry of the guild is just what I need to get back to the bench. You should too.

My Timberstrand Bench Slab Experiment.
If you're bench obsessed like I am, here's a partial list of links worth checking out:
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Kari’s joinery bench
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My bench build posts

Here's a blatant re-post of the video I took of Chris Schwarz discussing his Petite Roubo:

Now make sure you’re Guild membership is current and go get some lumber of your own. It’s time to make a bench.

Author's Note: This post is a bit late. Marc announced that the Winter Guild Build would be a bench many weeks ago.