A Good Thing, But Not The Next Best

The next best thing to attending Woodworking in America if you can't? Hardly.

I'll say it here, it is now very likely that I will miss WIA 2011. I'm still hoping to go, but forces well beyond my control (also known as life) are conspiring against me. I can't complain though, because I was able to stop in breifly for WIA 2009 & and I kicked it with the cool kids all wekend long at WIA 2010.

I'll have my homework in tomorrow, Mr. Schwarz.
For anyone who hasn't been lucky enough to attend, don't let this blog post from Popular Woodworking fool you. The hand tool techniques you pick up at WIA are great, yes. And these are great DVDs to suppliment the instruction. But they are not what make the weekend great. Neither is the market place filled with it's tool porn and fantastic deals.

Ahh! Woodworkers everywhere!

What makes Woodworking in America the MUST ATTEND Woodworking event of the year are the WOODWORKERS!

Marc's as entertaining in person.

The highlight of the 2 hours I spent at WIA 2009 was my meeting Tom Iovino. What made WIA 2010 one of the best weekends I've ever had was meeting and hanging out with not just Tom, but Kyle Barton, Rob Bois, Nik Brown, Matt Gradwohl, Kari Hultman, Adam King, Allen Lindsey, Ian Mackay, Aaron Marshall, Mike Morton, Marc Spagnuolo, Steve Taylor and Matt Vanderlist (a many, many others).

You'll leave any woodworking event with great friends.

If you can’t make it to WIA, be sure to make it to a local woodworking event and meet you’re fellow woodworkers. They’re a great bunch. You’ll be glad you did.