BooYah was a typical war cry of mine after I schooled an opponent in 3 to 4 turns with my Goblin Deck. I’ve not said it for years.

I said it today. Many times. BooYah!

I said it over and over because, you see, contrary to earlier reports I will be attending Woodworking in America, 2011.

Getting here has been a long road, and before I get too excited there are two things I need say:

First, I owe a great deal of gratitude to many people for allowing me the opportunity to go. First on that list are the Pediatric Oncology and Oncological Surgery units of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Then, of course, my wife. She’s taking on the burden of the kids for four (4) full days (Thursday & Friday are school holidays). Finally I need to thank my family for stepping up and taking care of the kids on the nights my wife works (and taking them to Cub Scouts, Bowling & Soccer) when my wife works.

The second thing that needs to be said is a big shout out to all that will be unable to make it WIA. Great woodworking friends such at Jon McGrath, Aaron Marshall, Scott Meek, Al Navas, Marc Spagnolo and Josh Ulloa will be missing it.
After last year, the thought of missing it this year (especially on top of all that is going on) was a serious downer. I’d been in a funk for days. To all my friends who are going to miss it, I know how life intrudes. We’ll be thinking of you and we’ll all be doing out best to attend WIA 2012 also. So put it on the calender now, and we’ll call it a date.

In the mean time, if you are going to miss WIA this year, be sure to join in Google +. Al Navas is setting up a Hangout for all to join in. It’ll be a lot easier to schedule than WIA, and it’ll feature the best part of WIA . . . the people.