Window Trim / Fascia: A Photo Essay

This is a little out of the norm for a post here at the Penultimate Woodshop, but I was working on the trim to my bay window today and I photographed the milling of the relatively complex (for a fascia board) trim which caps the sides of the bay window. I thought I'd take a brief break from the Wanderful Saga and present the fascia milling photos as a photo essay. The trim is Versatex PVC and once milled it is fastened using stainless steel trim head screws. Here goes:

The trim piece set up under the jig I made for milling the 30 degree angles next to a test piece.
Milling the angle.
Using relative dimentioning to mark the slight cut that gets made at the end.
Cutting perpendicular to the main 30 degree cut. This cut to to adjoin the fascia  on the wall adjacent to the window. Yes, I know the saw's not cutting, but I couldn't cut and take a photo at the same time.
All cut.
Determining the width of the fascia above the window by referencing the adjoining fascia.
About to cut of the excess at the other end.
Cut and ready for milling.
Determining the router bit depth by adjusting it to my line.
Marking of the angled cut needed to fit tight to the soffit, which is not plumb.
Using a melamine shelf as a reference for the bushing guided bit to mill the angled cut.
I didn't clamp the melamine to the trim piece well enough and made a small mess with the cut. Luckily this is the top and the joint between the fascia and soffit will get caulked anyway so I can hide this.
Trimming the wide end ever so slightly so that it is perfectly flush with the adjoining fascia piece.
A test fit. So far, so good.
Milling the notch to accommodate the window.
I clamped this board to the fascia piece and used it as a reference for my hand saw to square up the router cut.
Cleaning up the inside corner (yes, you can chisel PVC trim).
The notch to accommodate the window.
A nice, tight fit between the fascia on the side of the window and the fascia along the eave.
The installed fascia piece.
The next piece of trim to mill and install will the the extension of the eave fascia to bring it's bottom edge flush with the fascia on the sides of the window. I'll biscuit the fascia along it's length to ensure the pieces stay flush.
The bay window, almost completely trimmed.