It's Wanderful: Part 4, Carving?

Now that the wands were just about shaped, I thought about the carving. Kenneth’s wand that I was using as a design basis is covered in wonderful carving that he managed to create using just a set of cheap carving tools. I had picked up the same set of tools, so off I went. First I practiced on the initial blank that I had turned to a dowel with my spokeshave. Then I went on to the first wand.

Marking lines I drew on the initial blank to carve. In the background
you can see a close up of the awesome carved handles of Kenneth's wand.
I found the carving results to be acceptable (I certainly wasn’t thrilled with the results). They were however, far too time consuming. At this point I was beginning to seriously run low on time. Knowing that un-carved wands derived in time for the movie premier were better than carved wands delivered weeks later, I completed the carving on the business end half of the first wand handle and called it quits on the carving.

The one wand I half carved (don't tell that the order of the
description is slightly out of  order for better continuity)
Even though the carving phase of the project was aborted due to time and the results leave something to be desired, the process did intrigue me enough that I plan to take Kari up on her offer to provide some guidance. Having gotten my feet wet and seeing the beauties she’s able to turn out, carving is now certainly on my list of woodworking skills to learn.

Who's ready to sand?
Once the carving was done aborted it came time to sand. Though I normally enjoy sanding (thanks to my nice random orbit sanders, vacuum boom arm and headphones), I found the hand sanding of these damn wands almost unbearably tedious. By the time I had worked though the 80 and 100 grit sanding pads I was ready to call it quits. Luckily the small windows of evening shop time I get meant that by the time I was fed up with it, it was time to call it a night anyway. Over the course of a few days I did manage to sand all four (4) wands to 320 grit.

Do you're natural work breaks break up the tedious tasks too?