That noise you read in the post title is the sound of my horn. Yes, I'm tooting it myself. I'm lucky enough to have my Sliding Storage Cabinet featured as the winning Trick of the Trade in this month's Popular Woodworking Magazine. (August 2011). I'd like to thank Kari Hultman and the Popular Woodworking Magazine Editors for choosing my cabinet.

Revealing the slide out pegboard drawers.

The Sliding Storage Cabinet is one of the first projects I blogged about here at the Penultimate Woodshop. It has five (5) slide out pegboard drawers, each of which holds tools ready for quick action and keeps them dust free while the drawer is closed. It's a cheap and handy project that I'd encourage anyone short on wall space to build. Just post a comment if you'd like more info on constructing one.

The cabinet in all it's glory, flanked by cords & hoses.
If you don’t read Popular Woodworking Magazine you’re doing yourself a disservice. Beyond publishing my Sliding Storage Cabinet the magazine is filled with experience, projects and insight from some of the greatest woodworkers practicing today. You really should check it out.

If you can't get enough slide out goodness, here's a link to the build photos.