Oh, You Mean That Was Supposed To Lift?

If you’ve been following along you know that as soon as I had assembled the carcass bottom and back I paused to install the hinged plane shelf so that the top and sides wouldn’t be in the way. Well, you know how even the best laid plans end up . . .

As I was installing the hinges for the doors, it occurred to me that I had installed the plane shelf so that there was no clearance between the side of the shelf and the side of the carcass. A quick test confirmed my suspicion that the shelf would not lift.
Thankfully this was a fairly easy mistake to correct. All that was required to re-set the plane shelf in working order was removing the hinge screws and re-attaching it.

The shelf re-setting began by my forcing the shelf open past the door hinge to reveal the shelf hinge. Then my trusty 12v screw gun and an extra long #2 Philips bit make quick work of removing the screws.

Once the plane shelf had been removed, I was left with figuring how to install it square to the body of the cabinet.  To do this I first shifted the cabinet carcass onto it’s side. Then I laid down a double layer of ¾” baltic birch plywood scraps to hold the shelf off the side of the cabinet and leave plenty of clearance for the door and door hinge. Finally I used two (2) of my Woodpecker Clamping Squares to ensure the plane shelf was perpendicular to the cabinet side.

Clamping the shelf perpendicular to the carcass
to be sure that it's square when attached.

A quick few holes with my 12v drill and a centering bit followed by the 12v screw gun and the shelf was re-installed and better then new. Thankfully I haven’t even begun to design the cubbies that will be installed to the left of the plane shelf. While their available space my have just shrunk by 1½”, at least I don’t have to modify them post installation.
Have you though ahead, patted yourself on the back and then realized that all that planning still didn’t work?