Doors Ahoy!

Once the doors were sanded, I set on installing them. As I had previously dry fit each door with a single screw, the final fitting was fairly straightforward. I clamped the door to the hinge and sunk a screw into the hole from the dry fit.

A sanded door.
From there I alternated between my drill and screw gun, pre-drilling and screwing as I worked my way down the hinges.

Doors Ahoy!
They installed fairly quickly and as the screws are set in the end and back faces of the ¾” baltic birch door panels, they seem more than strong enough.

Unfortunately, they’re also uneven. The left door sits about ⅛” higher than the right. I suspect that the unevenness was present and would have been noticed during my dry fit, had I had the presence of mind to check. As this point, I’m not 100% sure how bad the unevenness is (could be from racking of the carcass) and what I’m going to do about it (if anything). At this point I’m going to wait until I hang the cabinet on the wall and then I’ll see how the doors are sitting relative to each other with the cabinet hanging naturally. If it’s still way off, I may try to clean it up.

So close, and yet . . . not.
Does your tolerance for error grow as project completion approaches too?