Woodworking Without Focus

This passed weekend was a rarity in my life as of late. Though it was a busy, kid's activity filled weekend, I actually managed to make it into my shop on Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights.

My new rasp.
As wonderful as that shop time was, I stand here now looking at it and can only ask, "What did I do?" I know I took my oscilating drum sander down from the attic. I can also tell you I busted out my Japanese rasp for the first time and I've still got the pile of sawdust to prove it.

Not much to behold.
For all those (and other) tools I put to use, all I have to show for it is a roundish block of wood.

Now, mind you, this lack of accomplishment is not due to any lack of tasks to accomplish. As of this writing I have to: buff out the finish for the monitor mounting board I’m using as a test finishing case, put a finish on the Guild Shaker Table I built last year, cut and fit the doors to the Bastard Wall Cabinet I’m making now and build 3 Harry Potter wands before the final movie comes out.

Unfortunately, by the time I’ve made it to the shop lately, I’ve just been too worn out to think and get motivated. So instead, I’ve just turned wood to dust. Hopefully I’ll get some rest and get back in the grove this week.

The rasp makes dust rather than shavings.
Do you ever just go into the stop and stare?