The NWA Showcase That Was

The Northeast Woodworker's Association 2011 Showcase has finally come and gone, and what a great weekend it was.

Though a call from the school nurse delayed my departure by a few hours, the enjoyment began as soon as I reached Saratoga. Though we were late, my Dad and I managed to meet up with Mike Lehikoinen, Ian Mackay, Guy Bucey & Ben Lowery on Friday night. We shared a few drinks and a wonderful conversation.

The woodshop floor.
Saturday began by getting up too early and getting the barn ready. Though I completely understood the need, as there were so many people coming over, I must say it felt silly vacuuming the entire workshop floor just because we were having guests.

A scroll saw demonstration at NWA.
Unfortunately, after getting the barn ready, I was late getting to the show and missed Chris Schwarz's lecture on the Anarchist's Tool Chest (I understand from good sources that it was a great lecture).

Once I did arrive, I spent some time going over the show floor (picking up a new Veritas Router Plane along the way) and I made sure that I was front and center for Chris Schwarz's Petite Roubo talk (I'll post a video of that talk soon). After the talk Ian and Mike and I headed out for some lunch and after finding the bar with the worst services in town, we settled in at The Parting Glass for a good pub meal.

Following lunch I caught a quick dovetail demonstration by Chuck Bender and immediately bought his Dovetailing Apprenticeship DVD.
Some beautiful showcase pieces.
I also took my time going through the member showcase. Let me tell you, the members of the Northeast Woodworker's Association can turn our some beautiful pieces.

I wrapped up at the show as they were closing and headed back to the barn. After picking up ice, I found myself behind the Long Island Woodworker's Club's bus & convoy. This was helpful, as I repeatedly got lost going to and from the barn all weekend.
A packed house for dinner.
Dinner turned out great. Besides the bus getting stuck when the driver decided to make a U-turn in the soft mud, everything seemed to go well and I think everyone had a great time talking wood. Though not all of our confirmed guests ended up showing for dinner, we had a great time with those who did. Besides the Long Island Woodworker's Club I'd like to thank Ian Mackay & Mike Lehikoinen for coming down from Canada, Ben Lowery for walking over from Saratoga Springs and especially Chris Schwarz. While Chris was already in Saratoga, he certainly didn't have to come to our dinner and I really appreciate that he did.
The stuck bus.
How was your weekend?