Notes from the Chidwick Lecture

Andy and me in Somerset.

While I was attending The Woodworking Shows in Somerset, NJ on February 25, I was Tweeting about attending lectures by Andy Chidwick of The Chidwick School for Fine Woodworking. On of my fellow Twitterers (I wish I remembered who, I would give credit) asked if he could borrow my notes.

Well, I'm not the best of note takers, but here are my notes from Andy's lecture: "The Artisan Way."

  • Failure -> Experience -> Confidence -> Success
  • Book matching doesn't work with curved, 3D work. Instead, use pattern matching
  • Use a window to match the grain pattern, then flip the window and do the other piece.
  • Use extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation as a modeling tool
  • Andy is a very motivational guy
My actual notes.

That's the extent of my notes, so if you want more, you'll have to go see Andy in Montana.

Andy shows off a beautiful bar stool.
Would you trek across the country to attend a woodworking class?