Northeastern Woodworker's Association Update

What's a woodworking show without a Wood-Mizer?
As we get closer to the Northeastern Woodworker's Association's 20th Annual Fine Woodworking Show in Saratoga Springs, NY on March 26th & 27th (this weekend), here a few more details to wet your appetite:

They have announced the Exhibitors. The include heavyweights like Lee Valley and Lie Nielsen as well as schools such as Acanthus and Connecticut Valley.

The lectures feature Ernie Conover, Sheila Bergner Landry, Chirs Schwarz and Peter Folansbee.

As if that weren't enough, the Saratoga Springs City Center will be overflowing with what can only be described as woodworking's cool kids. I'll be driving up from sunny Long Island (not that I'm counting myself as cool). Shannon Rogers will be coming up from Maryland to attend. The Long Island Woodwork's Club is chartering a bus for the event. Anatol Burkin and Anissa Kapsales of Fine Woodworking are heading over from Connecticut. Ian Mackay and Mike Lehikoin are even schlepping down from Canada.

If those aren't enough reasons to get you to come out to Saratoga for a weekend of woodworking . . . well, I hear they have good beer too.

What will you be doing this weekend?