Continued Wall Cabinet Assembly

The divided
plane shelf.
Last we spoke of the wall hanging tool cabinet (the bastard tool cabinet) I had just assembled the dividers on the plane shelf.

Once the plane shelf was ready, I moved back to the cabinet carcass. I assembled the bottom and the back in order to begin with the carcass components which would support the plane shelf.

After the bottom & back were glued up I installed two (2) spacer blocks on the bottom. The plane shelf will land on these spacer blocks. The gap between them provides a place for me to grab under the plane shelf so that I can lift it.

The Spacer Blocks, about to be glued on.
When the spacer blocks had dried, I laid the bottom/back assembly on it's side and dry fit the plane shelf. This allowed me to mark where the top of the plane shelf hits the back of the cabinet. At that point of intersection, I installed another spacer block. This spacer block is to allow clearance for the plane shelf hinge and let me lift it passed horizontal. When installing the spacer block for the hinge, I took a good face-to-face joint that would have been fine with just glue, and put nine (9) Dominos in it. The Domino is such a handy machine I find that I just can't put it down.
Yeah, the hinge spacer doesn't need any Dominos.
As soon as the hinge spacer glue was dry, I set about installing the plane shelf. The plane shelf is about 18" wide and I used a 12" piano hinge, so I centered the hinge on both the plane shelf and the spacer block. The hinge was easy to install on the plane shelf, as I used the barrel to reference it off the edge. Attaching it to the spacer block was not as easy. I struggled to keep the hinge properly aligned and square. On assembly I find that it's close enough to square for use, but not perfect.
The plane shelf is screwed to the hing spacer via a 12" piano hinge.
Installing the hinge before the carcass top made it easier to set the
plane shelf.
Now my planes have a home. Next I'll work to install the shelves below the plane shelf and then on to attach the carcass top and sides.
The plane shelf installed, and in action.
How is your Winter Guild Build coming?

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