Trudging Towards Tool Storage

Progress on the bastard wall hanging tool cabinet is progressing painfully slow. Work and travel are the two culprits. With lots going on at work and having taken a 3.5 day MLKjr weekend trip to Rochester, I've not had the shop time I would have liked (I haven't had the blog time either). I did have a bit of time with my sketch pad though, so I worked on cabinet carcass dimensions while I was away.

Ripping the 30" x 30" panel.
On Tuesday, I was finally able to sneak into the shop. I took one of the 1/2 sheets of 3/4" baltic birch plywood which I'm using for the carcass sides and cut it to size.

I made the pieces as follows:
I began with a rough cut to separate the 30" x 30" piece into two roughly 30" x 15" pieces.

Cutting a square end on a panel.
  1. Next I used one of their exterior straight edges as a reference edge and ripped the pieces to create a new referenced edge.
  2. I flipped the pieces and cut them to 14 1/4" wide.
  3. Using my miter gauge (I need to make a panel sled) I cut one end of the pieces square to the edges.
  4. I moved the miter gauge to the other slot, installed a 3" reference block on my fence and cut the pieces to 27 3/4" long.

The side panels, cut to size.
As the sides are the first pieces I've cut, they were sized based on my limited dimensions for the project. The other carcass pieces, as well as most of the inside pieces will be measured using relative dimensioning, referencing off of the previously build pieces for an accurate fit.

Sadly, that's as far as I've been able to take the bastard wall cabinet so far. I'm hoping that tonight and this weekend lead to much more progress.

What are you making this weekend?