A Monday Night Laundry List

Due to a cold and lots of extra work relating to our year-end review at work I haven't gotten anything done in the shop since last week. I have accomplished a few other woodworking related tasks though, so here goes:

Bastard Wall Cabinet
I haven't progressed any on finalizing the design since my last post, though I did manage to pick up the baltic birch plywood. As luck would have it, I work around the block from one of the biggest plywood dealers around, Roberts Plywood. I borrowed a van from work on Thursday and picked up 2 sheets each of 1/2" & 3/4" 5'x5' baltic birch (boy are 5' wide sheets awkward). I also managed to rip the sheets in half in the warehouse after work. On Saturday I loaded them and some reclaimed (i.e. left over from a job we did 14 years ago) LVL cutoffs into my truck and brought them home. I've managed to get them stacked in the woodshop and there my progress on the cabinet has paused.

I'm hesitant to call this progress, but as mentioned above I did manage to pick up some LVLs. They will ultimately be made into at least one (hopefully two) of the bench top slabs.

The penultimate Penultimate logo?
My good friend Aristotle came by on Saturday and we tweaked my T-shirt logo into the header you see above. I've been meaning to do this since we designed the shirts in September, so even though this isn't technically woodworking, it was nice to get this off my task list. We also designed a simpler t-shirt logo in two colors for screen printing. I hope to make more shirts (or open a cafepress.com t-shirt store soon).

That's the story from sunny Long Island. 'Till next time, what's been keeping you busy lately?