I Left The Oven On (Or Did I?)

The other day, while mid-conversation with my wife, I had a sudden, terrible thought. No, I knew the oven was off. My fear was much worse; Had I glued MDF panels into the frames I'd fabricated to fit OSB?

If you've been reading along on the beginnings of my bench construction, you'll know that I fabricated the rabbets in my bench panel frames of different depths to accommodate their respective panels (MDF & OSB). Though both sheet goods are 3/4" nominal thickness, they are just a hair different in actual thickness. Using scrap boards and relative dimensioning I made sure that each rabbet was exactly the right depth. I went as far as to mark each frame with their respective panel type with purple chalk.

The stove was off and the OSB was
in the OSB frames.
After many hours of worrying, I took a quick dive into the garage as soon as I got home. Luckily, the MDF panels I glued were set in their corresponding frames.

After that scary episode, I got to work and assembled the OSB panels in the OSB frames as intended. There concludes my bench construction for now.

"Why?" you may ask am I taking a break from the bench? Because it's January! Time to build the Guild Winter Wall Cabinet.

The first draft of the bastard
wall cabinet.
As I've said, I plan to bastardize the guild design and transform it into a tool cabinet. The image to the right is my first draft at the cross section of my design. I would go into detail about all the stubby little shelves and rear plenum, but suffice to say I drew it late Sunday night and after a good nights rest I'm not particularly happy with it. I'm working towards having the revised design ready for the pre-build chat on Wednesday at 10:00 pm Eastern. If I have time I'll throw the design up here first. Even if I can't, I'll see you at the chat. Don’t be late.

Have you ever rushed home to find the oven off?