The Penultimate Penultimate Woodshop Tour

A few weeks ago, while I was re-arranging my shop slightly, I took out the old family video camera and shot a poorly thought out shop tour video. As this is supposed to be a blog about woodshops, it's about time I had some info about my own here.

Now, a few weeks later I finally find myself in possession of my new laptop. So I created a Vimeo account and posted my shop tour. I present the tour here, for your viewing pleasure.

Penultimate Woodshop Tour, Part I from Dyami Plotke on Vimeo.

Penultimate Woodshop Tour, Part II from Dyami Plotke on Vimeo.

What does your shop look like?

Due to popular demand (2 requests!) here is a dark video of the current attic storage.

Attic Storage Tour from Dyami Plotke on Vimeo.