I'm a sucker for Trebuchets

As much as I tried, a last minute "homework" assignment from work meant that I wasn't able to write a post last night. I'll try to write a full post this week some time, though looking at my schedule, it may take until next Monday for a proper blog update.

In the mean time, I offer this great video to hold you over. It's one of the now typical "our job site radio is tougher than your job site radio" video all the tool manufacturer's are producing. As much as I like the Bosch radio (I own a 1st generation one), the thing that makes this video outstanding is the trebuchet. What's not to love about a wooden contraption that hurls a job radio 150 feet?

I'd like to thank Tool Snob for first bringing this video to my attention. Keep up the good work, fellas.

How would you like to abuse your toughest (or least favorite) tool?
Dyami PlotkeFiller4 Comments