The Sawdust Chronicles 2010 Build Challenge, Fun with Picasa

Having documented my build with about 150 photos, I've spent some time playing with them in Picasa. As it integrates so well into Blogger, I use Picasa for all my Penultimate Woodshop photos.
A Picasa generated collage of all 165 photos.
The first thing I did was make a collage. With Picasa that's as easy as selecting any number of photos and then hitting the collage button. If you don't like the way it arranges the images, you can have it re-arrange them automatically, or you can drag and drop them anywhere you like. Once you've settled, hit save and it turns the collage into one photo. The image above was made by selecting the whole photo and having Picasa re-arrange the images once automatically.

The next thing I did was make this video. It's really just a slide show of all 165 images, but I think it's cool because it takes the viewer thought the entire process (could just be cool to me, since I lived the build). I could (should) have added music. Pleas forgive the fact that I didn't have my audio library connected to the computer when I did this.

If fancy collages and slide show videos don't do it for you, then just check out the Build Challenge photo folder.

How do you document your builds?

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