The Sawdust Chronicles 2010 Build Challenge, Part II

My saga of the 2010 Sawdust Chronicles Build Challenge continues.

The Build
My milling equipment is set up
and ready to go.
The build was done mostly with power tools. I prepped the stock with my jointer and planer and dimensioned with my table saw. I used a 5" random orbit sander to smooth the pieces once they were cut to size.

I ended up fabricating three (3) of the center sections as the first warped before I could tile it and I miss dereferenced a joinery mark on the second. As I had never tiled before and I had plenty of tile, I chose to tile one of the unusable center sections and the real section. Since both the mortar and grout had mixing ratios and pot lives I set the real tile immediately after the test tile and mortared the real tile immediately after the test tile. Even though this only gave me about 2 minutes practice, I feel it did help and I'm glad I did it.

The bottom lip and upper wing
section are Dominoed and ready.
All of the joinery was done using Dominos and Tightbond III glue. I used Tightbond III because of it's longer open time when compared to Tightbond II. As many of the glue ups were clamped at odd angles with custom made cauls, I wanted as much open time as I could easily get. Luckily, the glue ups went smoothly. Once the top section was done I smoothed some misalignment in the face with my block plane and flattened the back of the center section to the wings with my new Rotex in a moment of mental ineptitude (I bought the Rotex during the project with no intention to use it. As I did use it for this one step, it is included in my project expenses under power tools).

Gluing the base/arm assembly to
the top assembly using one
funky looking caul.
After 5 glue ups the book stand was assembled. It unfortunately needed dramatically more touch up sanding at this point than I was planning on, so I went to work with a variety of sanding sponges and my 5" random orbit sander. Once the sanding was finally done, I began with a 1 lb cut of shellac applied with a rag. After that I switched to the full 2 lb cut of Seal Coat and applied 5 more coats by rag, sanding with a "00" steel wool equivalent synthetic pad between coats. When the final coat of shellac was dry I installed a thin bead of tile caulk to act as an expansion joint between the glass tile and the walnut which surrounds it.
The completed book stand.

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