Routerholic's Anonymous

Hi. I'm Dyami and I'm a routerholic.

My router posse.
Assembled on my bench you can see all of my eight (8) routers. Yes, that's right, eight (8). I seem to have a small addiction to them. As with any addict, I rationalize my addiction. My go-to rationalization for my routers is that I've never paid full price for any of them. The clear evidence that it is an addiction is that I've only done a few hours of routing since my (5 year old) twins were born. Yet, I continue to add to the collection.

PC 7518
Porter-Cable 7518
My newest addition is the used Porter-Cable 7518 motor you see on the bench without a base. I picked it up to live in my new "International Series" Jessem Mast-R-Lift that I got at a great deal, thanks to the Wood Whisperer's recommendation. In keeping with my never pay retail router mantra, I picked this motor up used from Reliable Tool, a local dealer whom I've known my entire life. It was 60% off new.

PC 6912
Porter-Cable 6912
This was my first power tool. As a college graduation gift I received the a Porter-Cable routing kit. It included the 6912 11/2 HP motor, a D-handle base, a plunge base and a bench top router table. Of all my routers, this is the one I've spent the most hours with, having made two (2) entire rooms worth of moldings with it alone. While it has a special place in my hart as my first, I'd be ok never turning this non-soft starting beast on again. Yet, no matter how violent the start ups are, with the D-handle base and Porter-Cable accessory baseplate attached it'll have a home in my shop for some time to come.

Rockwell 4682
Rockwell 4682
This little 11/2 HP motor is the just a Rockwell branded Porter-Cable 6912. I bought it used from Reliable Tool to put in the Porter-Cable router table.

Bosch 1617 EVS
Bosch 1617 EVS
Another great used deal from Reliable Tool. This Bosch upped my routing game in so many ways. It was the first router I owned with more than 11/2 HP, an electronically controlled motor and a soft start. While the power and constant RPMs are nice, the soft start is a game changer. Once I had this router, the 6912 seemed like an uncivilized beast.

Bosch 1613 EVS
Bosch 1613 EVS
This Bosch 21/4 HP plunge router won best in a Fine Woodworking review many years ago. When I found this used at Reliable Tool I picked it up. At the time my wife was pregnant with our twins. That was 5 years ago. I'm embarrassed to say I still haven't used this router.

PC 7539
Porter-Cable 7539
This machine is a beast. A civilized beast. It is superbly balanced and really a joy to use. It's another used find from Reliable Tool. Like the Bosch 1613 EVS, the 7539 was purchased while my wife was pregnant. Unlike the Bosch, I have managed to use the 7539, and it is surprisingly easy to control. The big handles and good balance make quite a difference.

Festool OF 2000
Festool OF 2000
This is the previous generation Festool 3 HP router. Having heard so much about Festool from the Wood Whisperer I was eager to try the brand. I was able to purchase the OF 2000 under the Festool Closeout program at a 25% discount. It has proven to be the equal of the Porter-Cable 7539, with better dust collection (though still not great) and a smaller size. If only the OF 2000 has a trigger as the 7539 does, then it would be the clear winner.

PC 890
Porter-Cable 890
This 21/4 HP router is a Craig's List find. Because of the great base the 890 has, which is designed to go in a router table, I picked it up for use in a horizontal router table I hope to build one day.

Of course as with any addict I want more. Yet as my shop setup is moving so slowly and there are so many other wonderful tools and accessories coming in (thanks Woodworking in America Marketplace), I'm going to try to hold off on more routers, as least until these eight get their full workout.

What's your tool addiction?

My Stanley #71 with a convex sole.
P.S. - Not to be left out, Shannon, this router's for you.