Ladies & Gentlemen, We Have A Winner!

Nothing too fancy here today other then a quick, not so well shot, video I took of my hand on the Bosch, making it glide oh-so- smoothly.

I'm again blogging from my phone, so while I'll be keeping it brief, I do want to thank Rob from Woodwerks Supply. After posting my photo of the saw on twitter, Rob & I got into a conversation about it. He was nice enough to test out their in-store model against the Festool Kapex and post about it in the forums. Though the Kapex won in dust collection, they seemed evenly matched on all other terms. As the Bosch requires 2" less space behind the fence, accepts standard 12" bladed (I love the Forrest ChopMaster) and is $500.00 cheaper it has won my heart and I placed an order for one yesterday. Once I get it I'll share my review and thoughts on the new cross cutting king.

Until then, how do you cross cut?
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