Apparently Jets Doesn't Just Mean Multiple Nice Power Tools

This week you'll have to excuse me for not continuing with my final Village Carpenter Shop Tour Post. I promise I'll get back to Kari's wonderful shop next week.

Now, I find myself at a NY Jets game and far from my notes and laptop. I figure I'd pass the time tonight with a quick phone based post about my productive weekend.

I found myself with some free time on Sunday and made headway with the wings and center section of my Sawdust Chronicles 2010 Build Challenge project. I did go through 2 center sections (1 warped & I referenced my dominos off the wrong face of another) and need to mill a 3rd, but the wings are cut & assembled. Hopefully I'll mill my 3rd center section & start my tiling during the week. Check my twitter feed for ongoing updates, as I'll certainly tweet any shop time I manage.

In the mean time, check out my TSDC 2010 Build Challenge Picasa folder with the link at the bottom of this post. I'll continue to update it too as work progresses (if the link doesn't post properly from the phone, you can always click on my Picasa link on the upper right and choose the Build Challenge folder).

What did you accomplish last weekend? 2010 Build Challenge