Busy Week: Lots going on (except blogging)

It's been a very busy week here at the Penultimate Woodshop. The laundry list of activities which have been taking up all my time include milling four new kitchen door saddles from scratch, flattening the sole of the Stanley #4 I recently picked up, mounting a dehumidifier to permanently drain into the house's plumbing, buying the rights to my site's name (now to learn to use it), beginning to track down babysitting for while I'm at WIA and designing some Penultimate Woodshop T-shirts.

With the notable exception of the dehumidifier none of those tasks are 100% complete, but I have taken heart in pushing all of them forward quite a bit.

As I'm doing my best to post regularly (trying for once a week) I'm sorry if there is the occasional post such as this one that serves more as a status update than actual blog post. I will do my share to fill the intrawebs with woodworking errata, just not this week.

What's been taking up all your time lately?

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