Thank you, Adam King

Hello. I’m Dyami. Late as I am, I’ve joined the party. This is my blog about woodshops. I’m an enthusiastic hobbyist woodworker. I follow much of the wonderful online woodworking community we’re lucky enough to have today. Given the richness of that community, I didn’t feel I’d bring any value with my own woodworking blog. While I’m well read, I’m not well practiced.

I’ve been reading about woodworking since I graduated College. I had a nice home workshop in a spare room in my first house. With the birth of my twin sons, my workshop became the nursery and my tools moved to an 8’ x 20’ storage bin in the yard. For the first 3 years of the boy’s lives woodworking took a back seat to life, and all I did was read. Finally in 2008 we bought a new house with a one car garage. Though the garage is smaller than my original shop in the first house, its all mine!

I have many an idea about how to turn my 9’ 11” x 21’garage into a functional work space and I’ve actually begun to work on some of them. That transformation of garage into woodshop is the foundation of my idea for the Penultimate Woodshop.

The inspiration came from all those who have inspired, and continue to inspire me in the online woodworking community. Podcasters like The Wood Whisperer, Matt’s Basement Workshop, The Renaissance Woodworker and Kosta’s Workshop. Bloggers such as the Village Carpenter, Tom’s Workbench, Rough Wood and the American Craftsman Workshop. And especially all my Twitter friends (yes, ALL of you).

The one man who I haven’t mentioned yet and who I need to thank the most for the final push to get me off the fence and into the game is Adam King of Adam King Studio & the Woodworker’s Journey. It was his “I might just get in trouble for this . . .” blog post and video that proved the catalyst for making the Penultimate Woodshop happen. Thank you, Adam.

That’s how I got here. Thank you for joining me. I’ll try to keep the posts coming as frequently as I can. Now, let’s all get back to our shops and make some sawdust.